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Play the song you love with augmented reality

Our Products

ColorTones for the piano


Be one of the first users and test the first version of ColorTones this spring!

Preorder ColorTones to secure your access to ColorTones for the official launch this year!

ColorTones for the guitar & ukulele

Open your Laptop and bring your digital guitar teacher to your home.
Launch in 2024

ColorTones for almost any instrument

Drums, Chimes, Cajon or even a marimba. Our vision is ColorTones for almost any instrument. The journey is just beginning.

ColorTones for Piano

Playing the piano never was that easy. You don't need to read notes. Just start playing with delight and learn at the same time. ColorTones is the first digital music teacher that sees and controls how you play, not just what you play.

What do I need to start?

You just need a tablet computer, a piano and the ColorTones starter-kit. That's it. The starter-kit comprises a mirror-clipper and color stripes for your piano keyboard. The clipper is a simple optical device which you must clip on the tablet's front-camera, so that it films your keyboard and hands. The stripes must be attached to every key of the piano and help our software detecting your piano. Furthermore, the stripes assign a unique color to each note. That makes it even easier for you to follow along a ColorTones tutorial.

ColorTones for Guitar & Ukulele

When you learn ukulele, you would be looking on the notes sheet or the tab and then on your fingers. We skip that. Just look on your fingers and augmented reality projects the notes as colorful effects right on your instrument!

What do I need to start?

Just a front camera. Open your laptop and get going.

Our first product for piano will launch first in early 2024. However, our second priority is to bring to you ColorTones for ukulele and guitar. As soon as possible.

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Our Vision

Color and joy for every instrument. Be it the drums, chimes, cello, violin, flute, cajon ...
Piano is just the beginning.

What can I do with ColorTones?
You can discover new ways of learning, recordning and sharing your favorite songs:

1 - Learning

Use your piano (electric or non-electric) film it and ColorTones upgrades your learning experience as you can see in the video. Numbers indicate which finger to use, and the video only proceeds when you hit the correct key with the correct finger.
While learning you are also playing! You receive tailored feedback and rewards for the efforts you make.

2 - Recording

Now, creating videos and tutorials of piano videos is easier then ever.

Instead of writing down sheet music for hours, just film your song and ColorTones transforms the recording right into a Piano Tile Video and into a ColorTones tutorial.


No electrical piano needed, no coding and no video cutting required!

3 - Sharing

For the guitar there is that globally known platform ultimate guitar to find chords for every song, to play along. But especially for the piano you need more than chords!


Now, with ColorTones, everyone can create this content with the smartphone camera and everyone can easily learn their favorite songs.

About us

We are two young entrepreneurs from Germany striving to make music more accessible.

Henrik, 24, Msc. Physics, CTO

• finished his master with 22 in nuclear physics

• programmed the AI for a particle accelerator

• expert and mentor for computer vision at the University of Münster

Sebastian, 26, Msc. Business Chemistry, CEO

• led various marketing projects in the chemical industry

• managed projects for Ideation & Entrepreneurship at Evonik

• self taught songwriter for guitar & singing

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REACH-EUREGIO Start-up Center
c/o ColorTones
Geiststraße 24
48151, Münster, Germany



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