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Play your song, on first sight.

ColorTones for the piano

The newest, easiest way to play and learn piano.

Film your hands on your instrument and ColorTones shows you how to play piano instantly.

The first piano app that really understands you

The song only proceeds when you hit the correct key with the correct finger.

Start of beta test phase: April 2024

Our first testers will receive up to 20% Discount when the final App launches!

Our plans for piano


Community Song Book

ColorTones will become the biggest community powered song book for interactive piano songs wordwide.


Seeing the hands and detecting your play enables ColorTones to become your AI teacher, telling you how you can enhance your technique.

AI Teacher


Playing without notes is easier and straight-forward. If you want to take your piano skills to the next level, we want to give you the opportunity to learn notes as well with one color for each note.

Learning Notes


We want to make learning the piano a joyful experience. It should be as much fun as a greate game.

Game Elements

Our Vision

ColorTones for the guitar & ukulele

Open your Laptop, grab your guitar and ColorTones shows you on your instrument how to play. Launch in 2024

ColorTones for almost any instrument

Drums, Chimes, Cajon or even a marimba. Our vision is ColorTones for almost any instrument. The journey is just beginning.

About us

We are two musicians from Münster, Germany, who believe that making music can be so much easier.


Screenshot 2024-04-04 181439.png

University of Münster




April 2024

ColorTones achieved a place in the top 50 most innovative startups in the digital founders' competition.


October 2023

Following our presentation to the discerning jury of the German Ministry of Economic Affairs, ColorTones was honored with a selection for one year of governmental financial support.


November 2023

Out of 1,180 contenders, ColorTones distinguished itself as one of the top 20 emerging companies at Finland's prestigious Slush100 Startup Convention.

Contact Us


REACH-EUREGIO Start-up Center
c/o ColorTones
Geiststraße 24
48151, Münster, Germany



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Always there for you!

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